EDU-FICTION 2030 What Will the Web Bring?

EDU-FICTION 2030 What Will the Web Bring?

With the assumption that the future is not something we step on but rather the result of projected ideas sustained with effort and work, we have put together an expert panel envisioning higher education scenarios in 2030. For this committed exercise, we have invited four renowned experts with different backgrounds to explore socio-economic, technological, and pedagogical dimensions of learning in the future. Based on actual trends in open, digital, mobile and networked learning, we will engage in a productive discussion where all participants will be invited to express their thoughts together.

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April 13, 2016

Palais des congrès de Montréal

Salle: 524B

1001, place Jean-Paul-Riopelle

Hour: 19:30 / Regular: $30, Student: $20 / Duration: 1 h 20

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Come to our panel, listen to the experts and share your ideas on hot questions like:

  • How the evolution of the Web will impact learning?
  • What role will Higher Education institutions continue to play?
  • How would educational offerings be diversified to meet the growing demand of learning options, anytime-everywhere?
  • How ubiquitous learning environments will look like?


  • Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

    Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

    Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay est professeure en gestion des ressources humaines (GRH) à l'École des sciences administratives de la TÉLUQ (Université du Québec), titulaire de la Chaire de recherche sur les enjeux socio-organisationnels de l'économie du savoir, et directrice de l'ARUC  sur la gestion des âges et des temps sociaux (, une équipe qui réalise des recherches en partenariat avec les milieux de travail. Régulièrement appelée à conseiller des organisations sur leurs pratiques de GRH, de conciliation travail-famille et de télétravail, elle est souvent invitée par les médias à commenter les questions d'emploi et de conciliation. Elle mène des recherches sur l'organisation du travail, le télétravail, la conciliation travail-famille et le stress dans divers milieux de travail, dont l'hôtellerie, la restauration, l'éducation, le droit, et la santé, et a réalisé un cours en ligne ouvert à tous (CLOM/MOOC) sur le thème de la conciliation travail-famille. Elle est régulièrement professeure invitée dans des universités à l'international (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Angers, Toulouse, Bruxelles, Louvain-la-Neuve, HEC-Liège, Université des sciences sociales de Hanoi-Vietnam, etc.)

  • Marcelo Fabian Maina

    Marcelo Fabian Maina

    Marcelo Maina est professeur en technologie éducative et chercheur au centre de recherche LICEF à la TÉLUQ. Il est membre du groupe de recherche Edul@b de l'Université Ouverte de Catalogne (Barcelone). Ses intérêts de recherche portent sur la conception et la modélisation pédagogiques, les pratiques d'enseignement à l'ère du numérique, les ressources d'apprentissage ouvertes, la personnalisation des apprentissages et la génération de contenus par les apprenants. Il participe régulièrement à des projets de recherche et d'innovation d'envergure à l'échelle internationale, tel le projet EMMA (agrégateur des CLOMS) et EPNET (portfolio numérique). Le professeur Maina est membre du comité exécutif de la Communauté pour l'innovation et la recherche sur les technologies dans l'enseignement/apprentissage (CIRTA) et co-organisateur du colloque annuel du CIRTA.

    Dans sa démarche professionnelle, il a géré des projets en formation en ligne et a offert plusieurs formations liées à l'adoption des technologies auprès des professeurs à l'Université de Montréal, à l'UQAM et à l'Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentine).

    Il est détenteur d'un doctorat (Ph. D.) de l'Université Ouverte de Catalogne, d'une maîtrise ès sciences de l'Université de Montréal et d'un baccalauréat ès sciences de l'Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos en Argentine.

  • Jutta Treviranus

    Jutta Treviranus

    Jutta Treviranus is the Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) and professor at OCAD University in Toronto, formerly the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre. The IDRC conducts proactive research and development in the inclusive design of emerging information and communication technology and practices. Jutta also heads the Inclusive Design Institute a multi-university regional centre of expertise on inclusive design. Jutta is the Co-Director of Raising the Floor International. She also established and directs an innovative graduate program in Inclusive Design. Jutta has led many international multi-partner research networks that have created broadly implemented technical innovations that support inclusion. These include the Fluid Project, Fluid Engage, CulturAll, Stretch, FLOE and many others. Jutta and her team have pioneered personalization as an approach to accessibility in the digital domain. She has played a leading role in developing accessibility legislation, standards and specifications internationally (including WAI ATAG, IMS AccessForAll, ISO 24751, and AODA

  • Rick Cummings

    Rick Cummings

    Rick Cummings is an Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for University Teaching and Learning at Murdoch University in Perth Western Australia.  He led the Centre from 1998 until he retired in 2015.Under Rick's direction, the Centre was responsible for research in learning and teaching in higher education and providing leadership and support to academic staff and students in e-learning, work integrated learning, curriculum development and study skills.  Rick has led national research projects in the areas of academic leadership, work integrated learning, learning analytics and teaching quality. He currently leads an international study of teaching quality in six Australian and five Malaysian universities.  Rick is also co-chair of the WWW conference to be held in April 2017 in Perth.

    Rick teaches public policy research and evaluation in the Sir Walter Murdoch Graduate School. He is a past President of the Australasian Evaluation Society was recognized for outstanding contribution to evaluation in 2010 and made a Fellow of the Society in 2013.

  • Jean-Philippe Bradette

    Jean-Philippe Bradette

    Jean-Philippe holds 13 years’ experience in the field of e-learning and has a wealth of expertise in education and multimedia. As a techno-pedagogical expert, he assists his clients in selecting and developing effective training solutions, as well as in the proper use of knowledge transfer technology. Jean Philippe’s creativity has gained national and international recognition by OCTAS, the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence, the Summit International Awards for Training Excellence and the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards. A peerless lecturer, Jean-Philippe has skillfully spread his passion and expertise.

  • Martha Lane Fox

    Martha Lane Fox

    Martha is founder and executive chair of

    Doteveryone is a new kind of organisation  dedicated to rebuilding Britain for the networked age. 
    Initially, it is focusing on four areas – these are where she feels the UK faces the biggest barriers in unlocking the next wave of digital power. Doteveryone is :

    1. Creating a virtual campus of like minded organisations both public and private sector
    2. Improving the gender balance in the Internet industry
    3. Building prototypes for public services
    4. Embedding digital skills for all – Go On UK that Martha founded and chaired recently merged into Doteveryone to continue its mission within the wider network

    Martha was appointed a crossbench peer in the House of Lords in March 2013.

    In March 2014 she was appointed Chancellor of the Open University.

    Martha co- founded and chairs LuckyVoice, revolutionising the karaoke industry.

    She is NED at the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction.

    In 2015 Martha joined the board of the Creative Industries Federation, the Scale up institute and the Open Data Institute.

    In 2007 Martha founded her own charitable foundation Antigens and also serves as a Patron of AbilityNet, Reprieve, Camfed and Just for Kids Law.

    In 2013 Martha was awarded a CBE.

    Martha Lane Fox co-founded Europe's largest travel and leisure website with Brent Hoberman in 1998, they took it public in 2000 and sold it in 2005.

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