Photo of Martin Noël

Mr. Martin Noël

In November 2015, Pr. Martin Noël took over as head of TÉLUQ University and has set high goals for the development of the institution with regards to program quality, student service and academic success. Open to the world and accessible for all adults, he hopes to promote TÉLUQ University both nationally and internationally. He became officially the ninth Director General of the University in August 2016.

With a Ph. D. in operational research, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Operations Management and a bachelor’s degree in statistics, he has made it his responsibility to help ensure that higher education becomes a real social undertaking.

He began his career at TÉLUQ University in 2001 as professor of quantitative methods and operations management at École des sciences de l'administration (ESA). Martin was then named head of ESA and, in 2010, held the position of Director of Academic Affairs. In this role, he worked on faculty development and innovative learning support and also promoted inter-university collaborations, both at the national and the international levels. His career path reflects his commitment to put academic quality and excellence at the very heart of the programs offered.

President of the Canadian Virtual Universities Consortium (CVU-UVC) since 2015, he intends to renew the opportunities offered by distance learning university in Canada.