This proposal aims to support the World Forum on Free Media, or WFFM, an international event that will convene in Montréal, August 7 - 14, 2016, as part of the World Social Forum (WSF). The WSF is an international gathering of civil society initiated in 2001. Each edition of the WSF brings together tens of thousands of participants from social movements, non-governmental organizations and grassroots collectives, to cultivate alternatives to the current economic model and provide opportunities to collaboratively build alternative global politics. The WFFM is a thematic gathering occurring within the WSF that addresses issues of communication, media, and technology. Previous editions of the WFFM were held in Belem (Brazil) in 2009, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2012 alongside the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, in Tunis (Tunisia) in 2013 and again in Tunis in 2015.

Chercheur principal

Roberta Lentz (Université McGill)


Normand Landry; Stéphane Couture (McGill)

Organisme subventionnaire

CRSH (Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada)


Subvention Connexion

Secteur de recherche

Psychologie sociale


2016 - 2016

Montant accordé

25 000,00 $