Université TÉLUQ, from past to present

TÉLUQ is the result of an experimental virtual university (télé-université) project launched during the early years of Université du Quebec’s existence. Its teaching method is inspired from UK’s Open University.

Its goal has always been to increase access to university education. Hence, it develops and adapts its course offering to meet the needs and aspirations of individuals who cannot or do not want to travel to a classroom.

  • 1972

    Télé-université was established as a "commission" of Université du Québec. Its mandate: the development and dissemination of distance-learning university courses.

  • Francine McKenzie.

    Francine McKenzie
    Director, Programs and Research
    1972 to 1981

  • Fernand Grenier.

    Fernand Grenier
    General Manager
    1973 to 1980

  • 1974

    Télé-université offers its first course: Initiation to cooperation, created in collaboration with Desjardins cooperative financial group. In the years that followed, over 4,000 executives register for this course.

  • 1976

    First certificate program: Knowledge of Man and his Environment.

    Teaching Faculty Members

  • Pierre DeCelles.

    Pierre DeCelles
    General Manager

  • Jean-Guy Béliveau.

    Jean-Guy Béliveau
    General Manager
    1982 to 1993

  • 1990

    Creation of the first Bachelor’s program: Bachelor in Communications. The client base is expanding. The Council of universities confirms TÉLUQ’s request for letters patent.

  • 1992

    TÉLUQ obtains its letters patent. It is granted the status of graduate school and its double mission of education and research is confirmed. Its headquarters are officially located in Quebec.

  • Photo d'Anne Marrec.

    Anne Marrec
    General Manager
    1993 to 2003

  • 1997

    TÉLUQ celebrates 25 years of existence. Its student base keeps growing. The number of programs it offers has nearly doubled. Its research grants have increased six-fold.

    TÉLUQ receives a $9 million grant for the creation of its virtual campus.

  • Louise Bertrand.

    Louise Bertrand
    General Manager
    2003 to 2008

  • 2005

    TÉLUQ is merged with Université du Québec in Montreal (UQAM).

  • Raymond Duchesne.

    Raymond Duchesne
    General Manager
    2008 to 2013

  • 2012

    TÉLUQ receives new letters patent and therefore regains its complete autonomy as a university in the Université du Québec network.

  • TÉLUQ celebrates 40 years of existence.

  • Ginette Legault.

    Ginette Legault
    General Manager
    2013 to 2015

  • 2014

    Launch of two open and massive online courses (OLMC or MOOC) on the ‘Ulibre’ platform. This first edition is a success: 5,200 registrations in over 40 countries.

    Ulibre logo.

  • Launch of R-libre, TÉLUQ’s online publications directory which promotes free access to scientific knowledge and where professors submit their articles and other research documents.

    Rlibre logo.

  • 2016

    Martin Noël.

    Martin Noël
    General Manager
    2016 to 2018

  • Publishing of the strategic positioning L'enseignement supérieur à l'ère du numérique – un projet de société (Higher Education in the Digital Era - A Social Project), a tangible proposal to democratize access to university studies and contribute to Quebec's socio-economic development.

  • André G. Roy.

    André G. Roy
    General Manager by interim
    2018 to 2020

  • 2020

    Lucie Laflamme.

    Lucie Laflamme
    General Manager
    since 2020