Picture of Nicolas Bencherki

Nicolas Bencherki's research adopts an ethnographic approach to study organizational communication among community-based organizations, in particular when it comes to collaboration between groups to achieve collective action. Theoretically, his work explores the notions of property and possession of action, and its sharing between persons and organizations. By recognizing that property is not limited to its legal format, it is possible to empirically observe the multiple ways the organization, as well as the persons that populate it, attribute, appropriate, give, borrow, etc., the work and the activities that make the organization act and, indeed, exist as an entity. Nicolas Bencherki's work has been published, among others, in Academy of Management Journal, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Management Communication QuarterlyJournal of Communication, and Communication Research and Practice, and was regularly presented, including at the International Communication Association and at the annual conference of the European Group for Organizational Studies. Nicolas Bencherki is a member of the editorial board of journals Communication et professionalisation, Management Communication Quarterly and Organization Studies, and he is a co-coordinator of the "Communication, Performativity and Organization" standing working group of the European Group for Organizational Studies.


Postdoc, Department of Technology Management and Innovation, NYU Polytechnic Institute

Postdoc, Center for the sociology of innovation, Mines ParisTech

PhD in communication, Université de Montréal, and in sociology of action, Sciences Po Paris

Research Interests

  • Organizational communication
  • Strategy, collaboration and collective action
  • Ethnography and interaction analysis
  • Discourse, language, materiality and technology
  • Theory and philosophy of communication and organization


Course not available in the current term

  • COM 5005 - Méthodes de planification de la communication organisationnelle

Courses under preparation

  • COM 3040 - Interactions en ligne
  • COM 5015 - Collaboration et technologie au travail

Publications & Presentations

This section shows the documents (if any) that are available in R-libre, TELUQ's open access research publication repository.

Journal articles (refereed)

Sénac, Coline, & Bencherki, Nicolas (2024). The experience of epistemic injustice in volunteering: The case of community organizations in Québec. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 1-10. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11266-024-00634-x

Bencherki, Nicolas (2023). Comment la technologie opère le passage de l’action individuelle à l’action collective ? Une perspective possessive. Communication & management, 20 (1), 15-29. https://doi.org/10.3917/comma.201.0015

Létourneau, Alain; Boivin, Geneviève, & Bencherki, Nicolas (2023). Practices of dialogue, dialogues in practice, with their problems. Language and Dialogue, 13 (2), 147-154. https://doi.org/10.1075/ld.00144.let

Cnossen, Boukje, & Bencherki, Nicolas (2023). Artful legitimacy: The role of materiality in practices of legitimation. Organization Studies, 44 (6), 919–938. https://doi.org/10.1177/01708406221142962

Bencherki, Nicolas, & Séna, Coline (2023). Instrumental dialogue and the ethics of expressing solicitude for each other’s existence. Language and Dialogue, 13 (1), 3-25. https://doi.org/10.1075/ld.00138.ben

Golden, Annis G., & Bencherki, Nicolas (In Press). Navigating knowledges: Community health workers as liminal professionals. Journal of Professions and Organization, joad013. https://doi.org/10.1093/jpo/joad013

Beyes, Timon; Cnossen, Boukje; Ashcraft, Karen, & Bencherki, Nicolas (2022). Who’s afraid of the senses? Organization, management and the return of the sensorium. Management Learning, 53 (4), 625-639. https://doi.org/10.1177/13505076221111423

Dawson, Veronica R., & Bencherki, Nicolas (2022). Federal Employees or Rogue Rangers: Sharing and Resisting Organizational Authority through Twitter Communication Practices. Human Relations, 75 (11), 2091-2121. https://doi.org/10.1177/00187267211032944

Vásquez, Consuelo; Bencherki, Nicolas, & Del Fa, Sophie (2022). Quels rôles pour l’intervenante-chercheuse? Préfiguration, configuration et refiguration des partenaires de recherche. Communication & Organisation, 61, 65-78.

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Bencherki, Nicolas; Sergi, Viviane; Cooren, François, & Vásquez, Consuelo (2021). How Strategy Comes to Matter: Strategizing as the Communicative Materialization of Matters of Concern. Strategic Organization, 19 (4), 608-635. https://doi.org/10.1177/1476127019890380

Bourgoin, Alaric; Bencherki, Nicolas, & Faraj, Samer (2020). “And who are you?”: A performative perspective on authority in organizations. Academy of Management Journal, 63 (4), 1134-1165. https://doi.org/10.5465/amj.2017.1335

Bencherki, Nicolas; Cooren, François; Brummans, Boris H. J. M.; Benoit-Barné, Chantal, & Matte, Frédérik (2020). La culture en tant que cultivation : vers une conception communicationnelle de la culture organisationnelle. Communiquer : Revue de communication sociale et publique, 29, 89-109. https://doi.org/10.4000/communiquer.5674

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Book chapters

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Other non refereed contributions

Bencherki, Nicolas (In Press). The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research in Organizational Communication. Boris H. J. M. Brummans, Bryan C. Taylor and Anu Sivunen (Eds.) [review of the book from UNSPECIFIED]. Communication Theory. https://doi.org/10.1093/ct/qtae005