The primary objective of this proposal is to develop decision support tools, enhancing the competitiveness of future Canadian forest bioeconomy value chains through analytics. Analytics enable organizations to turn complex challenges into substantial opportunities by transforming data into information and information into insight for better decision-making and result improvement. Another key objective is to leverage Big Data in conjunction with analytics techniques and tools to reduce pollution, thereby stimulating the viability of forest-based communities and making logistics and transportation operations more efficient. This proposal is part of the FORAC 4.0 research program and extends from successful research efforts conducted by the research consortium over the last 15 years. Both industrial leaders and academics have identified the problems addressed. On our end, we assembled a multidisciplinary team of researchers and students from the industrial engineering, business analytics, forest engineering, and computer science fields. In so doing, we identified a key factor for success in research and technology transfer: a close collaboration with industrial partners. These partners will provide problem insight, data, facilities, result analysis for case studies, and be receivers of technology transfer. Thirteen multidisciplinary and team-trained HQP will be an important outcome during this proposal.

Chercheur principal

Mikael Rönnqvist (Université Laval)


Marc-André Carle; Luc Lebel (Université Laval); Nadia Lehoux (Université Laval); Jean-François Audy (UQTR); Jean-François Côté (Université Laval); Leandro C. Coelho (Université Laval); Mustapha Ouhimmou (ÉTS); François Laviolette (Université Laval); Tasseda Boukherroub (ÉTS)

Organisme subventionnaire

CRSNG (Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du Canada)


Subvention de recherche et développement coopérative

Secteur de recherche

Systèmes intelligents, sciences et technologies de l'information


2019 - 2024

Montant accordé

582 556,00 $