The food systems of Indigenous peoples in the Northwest Territories (NWT) are based on the harvesting of country foods, and form the foundation of spiritual, cultural, physical, and mental well-being for individuals and communities. There is a dual food system in communities in the NWT, with country foods complemented by market foods. The lack of fresh and affordable market foods compounded by changes in country food access and availability fuels alarming rates of foods insecurity throughout the NWT. There are documented impacts of climate change for Indigenous peoples’ food systems, including : access to, and availability of traditional food species and, changes in harvesting practices (including harvester safety concerns). Understanding climate change impacts and identifying local adaptations in the food systems of Indigenous communities in the NWT is critical for the health and sustainability of communities, the environment and land. The proposed research aims to learn from and enhance community capacity to address place-based priorities to inform climate change and food security action locally, regionally, and territorially. The approach includes cross-cutting themes of Traditional Knowledge, Gouvernance, Youth, and Sex and Gender, and is grounded in Participatory Action Research (PAR). Our multidisciplinary team will work closely with community partners in six case study communities in four regions in the NWT to understand the potential of local actions, and to scale-out and scale-up learning. This research will promote community action and self-determination of local food systems in communities in the NWT and ultimately improve health outcomes. The knowledge gathered, and shared across multiples levels (locally, regionally, territorially, government decision-makers / knowledge users) will facilitate development of more effective programs and policies to address food security and climate change in the NWT.

Chercheur principal

Kelly Skinner (University of Waterloo); Andrew Spring (University of Waterloo) et Sonia Wesche (University of Ottawa)


Myriam Fillion; Warren Dodd (University of Waterloo); Tiff-Annie Kenny (University of Ottawa); Brian Laird (University of Waterloo); Alex Latta (University of Waterloo); Sonja Ostertag (University of Waterloo) et Mylene Ratelle (University of Waterloo)

Organisme subventionnaire

IRSC (Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada)


Team grant Food Security and Climate Change in the Canadian North

Secteur de recherche

Santé et sécurité au travail


2019 - 2023

Montant accordé

1 500 000,00 $