In spite of recent policy efforts by Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments to address
disparities among Canadian families, well-documented problems require systemic attention; these
include (i) the prevalence of stark gender inequalities in household care work, paid work, and pay
equity; (ii) intersectional inequities between households in terms of access to affordable high-quality
childcare services, parental leave benefits, and employment policies that support work-family
integration; and (iii) the growing precariousness of Canadians' potential to craft sustainable and
habitable lives. These complex problems are being addressed simultaneously, but often separately and partially, by academics, civil society organizations, unions, the public and private sectors, and
international organizations. The Reimagining Canadian Family Policies (RCFP) research program was inspired by the view that what is needed to tackle such problems is a unified, interdisciplinary,
integrated, multi-sectoral, partnership-based approach to the co-creation and mobilization of knowledges about family policies and families' policy experiences.

Chercheur principal

Andrea Doucet (Brock University)


Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay; Ann-Zofie Duvander (Stockholm University); Brooke Richardson (Brock University); Carol Rowan (University of Prince Edward Island); Christa Japel (UQAM); Donna S. Lero (University of Guelph); Eva M. Jewell (Ryerson University); Francesca P.C. Petrella (Aix-Marseille Université); Gordon H. Cleveland (University of Toronto); Irene Boeckmann (University of Toronto); Jennifer Adese (University of Toronto); Karen R. Foster (Dalhousie University); Kate Bezanson (Brock University); Kathleen A. Lahey (Queen's University); Linda A. White (University of Toronto); Lindsey C. McKay (Thompson Rivers University); Lisa N. Pasolli (Queen's University); Margaret F. Gibson (University of Waterloo); Martha Friendly (Childcare Resource and Research Unit); Nora Spinks (Vanier Institute of the Family); Patricia N. Douglas (Brandon University); Rachel Margolis (University of Western Ontario); Sophie Mathieu (Brock University); Stephanie E. Bernstein (UQAM); Susan L. Prentice (University of Manitoba); Sylvia A. Fuller (University of British Columbia); Tricia van Rhijn (University of Guelph); Vanessa A. Watts (McMaster University); Yue Qian (University of British Columbia)

Organisme subventionnaire

CRSH (Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada)


Subvention de partenariat

Secteur de recherche

Transformations sociales, organisationnelles et professionnelles en contexte d'internationalisation, d'informatisation et de multiculturalisme


2019 - 2027

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2 499 444,00 $